Railroad Pass 1915 Mountain View Hayes Run Fire Brick Co. - Orviston, PA

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This is an annual season train pass for the Mountain View Railroad in Orviston, Pennsylvania that was operated by the Hayes Run Fire Brick Company from the year 1915. The Mountain View Railroad was a short lived logging railroad in central Pennsylvania near the Lock Haven / Renovo area / Snow Shoe area. Pass probably used by a member of a logging crew, shows some grime associated with logging as pictured. The pass is pasted onto a page that was removed from an old World War I era scrapbook. You will receive the whole page, with the pass included, and you may decide to have a restorer remove the pass or display as is or display cut down with the black page used as a matte. Super scarce to find anything from this railroad, let along a pass. Pass is signed by J. L. Harvey and pass belonged to J. W. Woomer. Pass measures 4 1/4 inches wide and has wear as pictured. A professional conservator could probably clean the pass up nicely as it has no major damage and no tears.