Antique Handmade African Fang Tribe Type Fighting Knife Sword Tribal Dagger

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Large antique wood handled handmade large knife or sword with decorated blade. Unsigned, maker unknown. Knife appears to be from Africa and looks to have been made by the Fang tribe. This knife was found in an estate in Western New York state in pretty much as pictured condition. We did some minor cleaning to try to see if there were any signatures or markings - there does not appear to be any. The blade measures 13 1/4 inches long and the whole knife is 18 1/2 inches long.

Knife looks to be in good condition. Knife is intact. Handle has a chunk of wood missing from the one side and is charred pretty heavily, mostly on one side, from a fire. Blade shows some light surface rust and a bit of pitting as pictured. The very tip of the knife has some bends in it as pictured, which look like they could be hammered out without too much effort. Refer to the photos for a better idea of the condition and the style, you will receive the exact knife that is pictured.