Shopping with Anticuria During a Plague

Shopping with Anticuria During a Plague

Dec 30th 2020

We've been answering a lot of questions our customers have about how our business is functioning during the Covid-19 (CORONAVIRUS DISEASE) pandemic. Here are some of the most common questions and answers we have. 

Q. Are you open to shop onsite?  

A. No, for your safety and ours.

Q. Will you be able to fill online orders?

A. Yes. While we've slimmed down our staff to just "family", we are still working diligently to ship orders on time and we've been able to do this successfully throughout the year. 

Q. What are your safety protocols?

A. Our warehouse is sealed. No one but our current healthy quarantined employees (family) is permitted to enter the building. 

We have been on strict lockdown since March 2020. 

No new inventory has been purchased and all inventory and shipping supplies are considered covid free while in our warehouse. 

All incoming and outgoing parcels are picked up by USPS or UPS from a separate building on site to prevent any contamination of the warehouse. 

Q. Can I pick up an order?

A. No. We are not able to meet with customers at this time. 

Q. When will you open your store to in person shopping again?

A. When everyone wears a mask, takes care of themselves and their neighbors and Covid-19 transmission rates have declined to a "rare" occurrence. 

Q. Why do you have such a strict Covid-19 policy ?

A. We are a family owned business. A member of our family is severely immunocompromised, with a devastating life threatening liver disease. We value his life over all. We do what it takes to keep this one safe, even if it means a loss of business. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it answers some questions many of you may have. If we missed something here, you can always message us and we'll be happy to help you.