Got Cookie Cutters? We Do....Thousands of Them!

Oct 2nd 2019

Got Cookie Cutters? We Do....Thousands of Them!

It's getting to be that time of year again, as temperatures cool, days get shorter and the holidays approach...Christmas cookie baking time will be here before you know it. Every year shortly before the holidays we add a whole bunch of cookie cutters to the Anticuria online catalog. We're currently in the process of doing this now. Currently we have over a thousand cookie cutters in stock...and counting.

You can view our entire inventory of cookie cutters by visiting our vintage cookie cutter category.

Like all categories on the Anticuria site, the newest additions to our online catalog will appear at the beginning of the page. So when you check back in, the cutters that have just been listed will appear first.

Anticuria provides pictures of the exact cookie cutters for sale. Most cookie cutters are estate cookie cutters, some are plastic, some are tin, some aluminum...all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. They range in age from more contemporary cutters to 150+ year old antique cutters. Most cookie cutters are sold individually, but we do offer some cutters in lots.

Whether you collect cookie cutters, use them for crafts or just for baking cookies, Anticuria has a large selection to choose from. Check back over the course of October to see what we've added.