For Sale: Wholesale LP Vinyl Record Albums by the Box

For Sale: Wholesale LP Vinyl Record Albums by the Box

Jul 1st 2021

For Sale: Liquor box type boxes of assorted 33 1/3 rpm LP 12" vinyl record albums - $5 per box.

Here's the Anticuria we sell records (check out our current online stock of LP's), but we only add the nicest cleanest copies to our online catalog. To be added to our online catalog, the vinyl must grade at least VG+ according to the Goldmine standard....the rest get put into boxes and stuck in a pile, and it's time to get rid of the pile, so we're offering them for $5 per box. Each box holds roughly 60-80 LP's. There's no rhyme or reason to what each box holds, they aren't sorted by genre or artist or condition. Boxes will be chosen at random. Buyers must pickup at our warehouse. 20 box minimum purchase

To get an idea of what might be included, here's our process.
1. We buy records from collections, estates, sales, auctions, etc.
2. We sort records.
       A) We pull record from sleeve.
       B) We check condition first.
       C) If condition is at least VG+, we verify record matches sleeve and set aside to be pictured and listed.
       D) If condition is less than VG+, we put in the type of boxes pictured above. 
       E) We do not verify records less than VG+ match their sleeves.
       F) We do not even look at the titles if less than VG+
       G) We do not look at rarity, popularity, scarcity, desirability, value, etc. of records less than VG+ (at all).

We've had many of these records for years. Many were purchased locally. Others were purchased in various locations in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Southwestern New York. So you can assume that the music is largely representational of records you'd find in this area. We find all sorts of artists and titles, but in this area there's a lot less jazz, blues, reggae, Cajun, international etc. than you'd find in a random sampling of records from other parts of the country.

So you're probably thinking, maybe you might find a Beatles butcher cover in a box of these records. Not likely. Though we do not concern ourselves with the titles of records we find that grade less than VG+, you're probably going to find the same distribution of genres, titles and artists that you'd find if you went yard saleing, flea marketing or antique at shops in our region in these boxes.

Before you's some questions we'll just answer now.

Are there any rock albums in the boxes?
Of course. But it's random. One box may have 50 classical records and 20 easy listening records and no rock albums. 

Classical? Do I have to take the boxes with classical music?
You don't even get to look in the boxes (and you don't get to "shop" when you pick them up, you just pay, load them and go....sorry). 

What condition are the records in?
Less than VG+ as previously stated. There may be some that grade better than that, but the vast majority grade lower than VG+ 

What about play grade? How do the records sound?
No idea. Some will sound horrible, some probably unplayable and some will sound amazing, despite the visual grade. 

Can I buy more than 20 boxes at a time?
Please do. 

What do I do with the ones that I don't want after I go through them?
That's up to you. We don't accept returns, obviously (we want them gone). Most every town has Goodwill drop-off locations.

Can I sell them?
Sure. None of the records in these boxes have been offered online by us. There *may be* some rare titles that you might be able to sell online. Many local antique stores sell records regardless of grade. Same with flea markets. 

Can you give me a better idea of the condition or titles?
Sorry, no. 

It seems like you're being purposely vague about the condition and titles in each box?
Here's the deal, we sell on our website We also send product feeds to several multi-seller sites. We only list records in VG+ condition because the chance of having good enough sound to prevent a return (which is costly and time consuming) is pretty much assured if they grade at least VG+. Sure, some lesser graded records might sound fine, but we don't have time (or the desire) to play grade every single album nor to explain in our listing that though the record looks like crap, it sounds magnificent.

Do you have any 78's for sale?
Yep. Lots of them.

What's the deal with them?
Same deal. We have them in boxes that are 9 inches thick, so each box contains roughly a similar amount as the LP boxes. $5 a box for 78's as well. Same grading method is used. Don't even look at the titles unless they visually grade VG+ or better (which is a much higher grade than you'd find at most antique stores). You can buy all 78's or a mix of LP's and 78's, as long as you want at least 20 boxes at a time.

Do you have any 45's for sale?
We have lots of 45's too. We have them in boxes that hold about 85 of them. No sleeves, picture or otherwise, just the records. We would have to have $10 per box on the 45's. Same deal with our grading/sorting method on the 45's. Same deal with quantity, must purchase at least 20 boxes at a time, but they can be a mix of speeds.

Do you deliver?
Sure, for $2 per mile, round trip, you unload while I watch...just kidding, I won't watch. Seriously though, we can deliver, but would prefer not to do so, and it would have to be relatively close.

I've read this extensive post and am interested in purchasing some, how do I go about doing that?
Message us through our Anticuria Facebook page or through our chat on our website with: 
1. Specific pre-purchase questions.
2. Your name and phone number.
3. A good time to call you.

Where are you located?
Jefferson county, Pennsylvania. Google "Anticuria" for exact address and map/location.