Anticuria 8 Track Tape Repair Foam Pressure Pad Replacement pack of 10



Repair and reconditioning an 8 Track Tape is easy with our 8 Track Tape  replacement foam pads.

 Our repair pads are the best on the market. Years of experience led to the design of the perfect foam pad for refurbishing worn, gooey, brittle and powdered 8 Track Tape pressure pads.

 We have a new manufacturer as of 2019 and we've tweaked the design even further. No more crinkled tops. Smooth gliding ribbon. Excellent adhesion. 

 Each foam 8 Track Tape repair pad measures approximately 1/4" x 3/8" x 2". 

 These sturdy pads use just the right amount of pressure to keep the tape ribbon  against the head of your player. An adhesive bottom layer makes it easy to  repair your own tapes. 8 Track Tape repair is as easy as peel and stick. The top layer allows a smooth glide when playing with minimal resistance. Pads are sold ten on a card.

 These are not made from weather stripping or homemade. They are custom designed, product sourced and manufactured exclusively for us. Made in the U.S.A