Ahmed Shiba & His Ensemble: Music for Belly-Dancing - Factory Sealed 8 Track Tape Cartridge



Title and playlist shown in the images. We list each tape individually so you can choose the title you would like in the condition you would prefer so we may have others of this same title in better condition. You will receive the exact tape pictured here. We do not open sealed tapes unless you request servicing. If you plan to listen to the tape, please note in the comments during checkout that you would like to have it serviced before it ships. Servicing will take approximately 3 days. If the tape is not serviced it may have deteriorated pads, dried out splice or be stuck in place. 8 Track Tapes were popular from the 60's through the 80's. This tape will only play in an 8 track player, not a cassette player. Please be sure you have the correct player prior to ordering.